Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Downelink profile 2011

Of all the stories you can ever tell, you can never be more well versed than your own life's tale.

I always say i am a simple guy. nothing fancy. Just the typical guy who laughs at a lot of things -- from knock knock jokes to the hypocrisy of our government. I can say i'm a person who has a good disposition in life. Life is a constant struggle towards happiness. Live it to the fullest. Do what makes you happy and to hell with the consequences.

I am a registered nurse. A title that serves me nothing more than my fleet license for legal identification. Don't get me wrong. I believe it's a very noble job. But I am still taking my time on what to do with my career, what roads to take on. I am not unemployed though, if you may ask. I earn for a living.

I am convinced that i am more matured that I may seem. I understand things in ways only a lot of people fail to acknowledge. My friends love me for my wit and humor. Some hate me for my honesty. They say I'm a bitch. I say reality bites.

I believe in redeeming quality, that everyone has a chance to be good at some thing in spite of the fuck ups. I believe in every person's individuality and the beauty of it. I believe in the goodness of every man's heart. I believe in the essence of friendship. I believe in moral values, etiquette and respect -- my parents deserve nothing less. I believe in God and His uncompromising and eternal love. I believe in soulmates, i have already found mine. I believe in a lot of things. Cause the things we believe in, are the things that we are made up of.

I've had my share of problems and pains. I've been fooled, used, betrayed, abused, neglected and exploited. It happens to the best of us. So it's been a good thing i have a strong sense of self. I have mastered the art of moving on. So people, spare me the drama.

I've been single for 2 years now. I am a person who has strong ideals for a relationship -- something a lot of people don't seem to get along well with. For one, i am looking for a partner, not a lover. I would want to be with someone whom i could do things with, go places with, explore life with. A person who can connect with me at the same wavelength. One who would share my passion, values and stories. Stiomeone who actually understands 'love'. Someone i would make love with each and everytime and cant get enough of it. Someone i would take care of just as he would take care of me. Someone i would fall in love with over and over again. Someone i have never met.

But as with any story, most thoughts are not deliberately written. The better half of it is given to the reader's discretion. A writer can only say so much. It's up to the audience to read between the lines.