Monday, May 24, 2010

I sew you

So.. what have i been up to this past few weeks? i know i haven't been bloggin that much recently. truth is I am very very very busy. If i am not in the office workin my ass, takin calls, i'm usually snorin in the quarters, or starin blankly somewhere tryin to finalize my storyline for the manuscript of my 2nd short novel, or travelin off to some cool beach out of town, or planning on the logistics of my soon to open on line store, or facing my planner, planning (of course what else will a planner be for?) my future and checkin out my plans of going abroad. well i guess i'm not really that busy after all.

But today i did something different. another first. I learned how to use our antique Singer sewing machine. This one was actually taught way back in high school in Home Economics and i barely even tried to listen. Had i known that sewing your way to a perfect fit wardrobe would be this fun and fabulous, I would have aced it all the way. I might have even taken up fashion designing. Anyway here it is, i already learned it. At least. Better late than never.

So my mom thought me how to. Just get the thread through all the right hoops and loops, then you're good to go. The challenge is actually on stepping the pedal with the right timing and rhythm with the balancing wheel. But once you get the hang of it, everything is a breeze. I had my shirts, shorts and pants altered all by myself. Now my wardrobe will be more fab than ever. wee!