Monday, May 17, 2010

Last Chance

So what have I been up to these past few days? Well I've been goin around a lot. But the new thing is that I'm trying to enbark on a new career. I'll be writing a short novel. Yep, that's right. I'm starting on my manuscript for my short novel. Actually I'm done with the storyline for the first novel and figments of my 2nd novel are starting to boggle my mind. The short novel (which I don't have a title yet) is actually about a young queer man who meets this younger promdi kid. They start out their unusual relationship as lovers not really taking it seriously until things came up and they get to continue their lives together in the city. The story is actually about finding love when you least expect it and seeing how love can exist for 2 men of entirely different backgrounds. It is the love story for the cynical and the bitter as it tells scenes of realistic and probable circumstances. As my friend yuki describes it, "lahat na ng hinahanap mong love story andito na. eto na ang love story ng lahat ng love story." It's one of the best daydreams i've ever had and probably the reflection of the love story i never had for myself.

The second novel tells the story of a gay guy who gets involved with the company of 4 straight men. They are 100% straight in this story my dears. It basically is about the friendship between a gay guy and straight men and what happens when the gay guy falls in love with one of them. It's about finding what really matters -- love or friendship. It sounds like a gay version of meteor garden with a gay san chai but not really. The Last Chance by Allure is actually the song that inspired this story. (fyi Mariah wrote this song for Allure)

So wish me luck on this one. This is one of the few things that come unexpected. Thank God for the music and my crazy imagination. Till next time!