Sunday, April 18, 2010

Interview with a Vampire

Just the other night, when i was waiting for a jeep along aurora avenue, a guy approached me. I was tipsy then as i just came from P2 (remember the Salon party?). It was around 4 in the morning then. He said, "mukang nakainom tayo ah." Though dumbfounded, i just nodded. then he said "gimik tayo" and i replied, "wala akong pera." Then he said " sige na 200 lang." If we were an anime character, i would have heard 'toinks' and a big droplet of sweat will be appearing above my head. I wanted to laugh and tumble down. Instead i just smiled and said no.

This is not the first time i was approached by a colboy. Sholbam as we call it in the Salon. One night i was going home from a house party i was walking along araneta area when one guy smiled at me as i passed by. He shouted loudly "gimik tayo." I ignored it. Then when i was waiting for a jeep along aurora, another guy approached me. I almost jumped when he spoke right behind my ear. I didn't understand what he was saying. It was like his lips are moving (in a very weird way) but i can't hear anything. i kept on asking him to repeat until he finally spoke loud enough. he was asking me where i'm going and again the pick up line, "gimik tayo." i almost bursted a laugh that time when i saw that he's missing a tooth or two. I wanted to laugh but at the same time i was scared (maybe it's the alcohol). the guy was really thin and his face was so white with powder. He's probably around 5'10" tall and his clothes are quite decent. he doesn't look like the usual colboy stereotype that wears muscle shirt and has muscular physique. he was thin and he looks almost sickly. though i wanted to laugh hysterically over his lost tooth and the funny way he speaks, i can't help but feel scared for him. I can almost see it, like the word 'AIDS' is stamped across his forehead.

I was approached by sholbams a couple of more times in the past. I NEVER entertained any. duh?! I may not look that good but puhlease i'm not desperate! why pay if you can get it for free? and besides i'm way too freakin scared of getting sick. The first time i was asked by a colboy, i was offended. haha. i started thinking, do i look that gay that even strangers come up to me and ask me to pay for their service? or do i look like the type that needs to pay just to keep my sex life alive? or do i look that old (i'm only 22 just so you know!)? but then, i realized it's probably my fault. You see, their number one selling point for their clients is eye contact. When they catch you looking at them, they will slowly work their way to you. They will try to come up with a conversation like ask you what the time is or ask you where you are going. Then there goes the bomb, "gimik tayo" phrase. if you resist one time, they will try for another rebuttal, probably laying out the price. another no, then they will act sad. hahaha! i know you might think i just made up this sad-acting part but yeah they do that. or probably they really are. but it's weird. the way they try to look in the distance with those puppy dog eyes, man, it's just crazy! So unless you're still up for some more thrill, you can nail it and smash it with a final no and they'll leave like nothing happened.

I once asked one of them if they find what they do difficult. he just said, "minsan meron, minsan wala." So it means the "wala" part is what's hard for them, not the nature of the job itself. *sigh* what's going on with the world today?? being the curious cat that i am, i probed some more. They do it and go out almost everynight. Their peak seasons are weekends of course and they can go as many as 3 customers in a night. whew! i feel filthy just typing this down. Most of them don't have day jobs since obviously they would be too tired in the morning to work. I haven't researched too much on this. Jessica soho and mike enriquez already had a couple of good covers on this.

Just recently DOH has declared an HIV - AIDS epidemic. It was forecasted that there were 4,400 HIV/AIDS cases in 2009, around 9,000 cases by the end of 2010 and around more than 30,000 cases by 2013. There was also a study about 675 respondents in 22 call centers in metro manila and metro cebu and showed a significant number of positive cases in this particular group of people. Didn't i just said i didn't do much research? haha

Today sex has taken up an entirely new meaning. For some time i wondered why the Church has banned the mere idea of it for the longest time. It is not the act per se that makes it bad. It seems like it's more on the psyche while doing it that makes it a taboo. It is what runs in the mind that desecrates one of the greatest human experience ever discovered. When it would have just been a sublime expression of love, where 2 bodies and souls unite, it is now tampered with greed, irrational lust and earthliness. If it is used and abused far more than what it was intended for, that's what makes it a sin. Ergo, as long as you have sex with the one you love, even if you pump all day and night, no matter how horny you both are, it should not be taken against you since it is being done in the name of love. woot! woot! Now that's a good way to put it. But what if you fall in love with a prostitute? Would that be your ticket to heaven? weeh. what the heck. anyway that's all for now. safe sex everyone! xoxo