Monday, April 26, 2010

The Picture

Stellar's "All Aboard" Summer Company Outing 2010. So this is one of the few times that i get the chance to be with all the people i love (at work). You see, since i am a very lousy person, I have different sets of friends over at work. First I have my Europe friends. I used to hang out with them a lot before until some issues came up so i had to sit back to my bay (Latin America). So I also have my Lat Am friends. Then of course, The Salon people. When you have a lot of friends, there are times that it's hard to decide who you would be hanging out with when you have them all in one place. One of the few hassles of being Miss Popular 2010. haha charing lang. but it's just that, you want to be with all of them. share laughs and stories with each and everyone of them. But being human, you can only do so much.

Just like that I was able to hang out with them just fine. I miss my europe friends bigtime. But I can't miss the laughs and "sharing" with the Salon people. I had my cam with me over at our Company outing. Since I don't want to throw away my year's worth of Likas papaya and some glutathione, I just decided to be the official photographer to all of my friends. After all, I have enough exposure in their cams as well hehe. So anyway i didn't swim that much, just chilled and lied in the sand with some beer, got some henna tattoo for free, sang my heart out in the videoke, tried to dive a few times and then took some more pictures.

As i took one of the few last shots over at the resort before we board the bus, I was able to have all of them (my friends) to stop and pose for the cam. I felt a pang in my heart as i looked at the screen and saw all of them smiling at me. Their faces are all lit up facing the camera, against the shimmering sea in the background. Pretty soon i will be saying goodbye to these people. It was as if they were all smiling for me -- me not being in the picture anymore. I've seen people come and go right before my eyes. And it sucks to know that for most of them, they were gone just like that. Maybe it's their choice, part of it may be mine. Things will never be the same after I resign. We may never see each other like we used to. But that doesn't mean it is the end of everything. After all, no rest days are too dull to be spent alone. And no place too boring to have a good time with these people. I'd probably not say goodbye to them. But rather I would say, "see ya around